Welcome to UNITYH, fellowship of ancient Chinese wisdom 泰和会,以易会友

About Us 关于我们

UNITYH is a platform of ancient wisdoms of the East, such as Sinology (国学),  I Ching(易经), Tao Te Ching(道德经), Sun Tzu(孙子兵法), Huang Di Nei Jing(黄帝内经), Tai Chi(太极), Traditional Chinese Medicines(中医), Guiguzi (鬼谷子) etc. 


Our Mission 我们的使命

Sharing authentic Chinese Culture for world peace and prosperity


Our Objective 我们的宗旨

We hope to gather likeminded enthusiasts in ancient Chinese wisdoms and those who are new to Sinology or curious to learn Mandarin and Chinese cultures, to come together to study Chinese culture and promote the gems of Chinese culture.  


Our objective is to make sure all can learn the authentic ancient Chinese culture from the direct source. No one shall go the long way in their learning and we make the learning process economical with equal sharing of all costs involved.   



What We Do 我们做什么

We believe that the genesis of all Chinese sinology comes from I Ching (易经) and all of us in the UNITYH will be starting with the basic fundamentals of I Ching and practice and socialising with each other in the platform to build “guanxi” among each other so that all of us can be on the same frequency and talk the same language to seek any opportunity to collaborate with each other through regular meetings to help each other to learn and grow. 

我们相信所有国学的起源都来自《易经》,而在泰和会大家都将从《易经》的基础入手,在平台上练习和交流来建立“关系”, 以便大家可以在同声相应,同气相求,通过定期会议发现合作机会、共同学习和成长。

Are you interested to understand Chinese cultural subjects such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, I Ching, Chinese metaphysics such as Bazi, Fengshui, Qimendunjia etc. but don’t know how to go about? 


Or if you have read and/or attended courses after courses on Chinese metaphysics such as Bazi, Qimendunjia, FengShui, Ziweidoushu etc. and yet still couldn’t grasp the concepts or can’t really see how you can apply what you have paid so much time and money to learn? 


If you are interested to learn the “secrets” behind these ancient Chinese wisdom and how to be able to grasp the concepts easily without having to keep on attending courses after courses, then just fill up the Contact Us form and we will get in touch with you shortly for more details.