Upcoming Event 近期活动

Mr. Wang 王鉴石先生

王鉴石先生 - 易经普及推动者、易学心理咨询师、 企业培训师、专栏作家 。


Mr. Grant Wang – I Ching practitioner and advocate, qualified I Ching psychology counsellor, certified corporate coach, media columnist.

Born in a family that have been practicing I Ching for generations and graduated from Beijing Normal University’s School of Philosophy and Australia’s Newcastle University Business School.

Long term advocate and researcher of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese culture, and have been appointed by CIICC, Ling Nan University College and other organizations to give talks on Zhou Yi(I Ching). Combining practicality in teaching, he puts together traditional Chinese culture with modern teaching and learning methods and created a series of “Comprehending Sinology” workshops that have gained wide acceptance and rave reviews. He has unique insight on Plum Blossom Divination method and the psychology of dream interpretation, and applies I Ching into the research of psychology, shows that I Ching can be more than just for divination purpose. 

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