Past Activities 过往活动

Master Liang(Wudang) explaining the relationship of I Ching with Taoist Health Preservation Methods such as Symbolism-Digit Therapy 玄缘子老师(武当山) 解释易经与道家养生法如八卦象数疗法的关系
Master Zheng(Henan) teaching Zhao Bao Tai Chi 郑转会老师(河南)亲自授拳赵堡太极十三式
Master Liu(Wudang) demonstrating the steps for Tai Chi 刘松老师(武当山)演示太极拳招式
Master Zheng(Henan) explaining the principles of Zhao Bao Tai Chi 郑转会老师(河南)讲解赵堡太极拳原理
Master Liang(Wudang) teaching Wudang Mountain Tai He Quan which can help to strengthen the heart and kidney 玄缘子老师(武当山)亲自教导有强化心与肾功能的武当太和拳
Master Liang(Wudang) demonstrating 抻气法Chen Qi Fa(strething qi exercise) for allevating neck and back bone problem 玄缘子老师(武当山)演示舒缓颈椎疼痛的抻气法